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HSS Step Drills straight flute with Titanium coated

2018-08-30 14:57:26 HSS Step Drills 1686 views

Automatically Deburrs Holes as you Drill. Two-flute Design Gives You Faster, Smoother Cutting. Titanium Nitride Coating for Cooler Running, can effectively ext...

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3Pcs Step Drill Bits Set Titanium Coated HSS Spiral Grooved Cone Drill Bits

2018-08-30 15:52:14 HSS Step Drills 1694 views

Fit:Works on plastic, wood and most metals, including steel, brass, aluminum and copper. Material: High speed steel titanium plating for longer service life....

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Titanium Step Drill Bit

2018-08-30 15:06:54 HSS Step Drills 1722 views

  • TITANIUM | HIGH SPEED STEEL: classic high speed steel with titanium coating for proven capability and durability in drilling holes in plastic, aluminum,...

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